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Principles of Mercantilism and The Muppets

Penned upon the 29th of November, 2005

I lied. It’s just Muppets. The Muppets were hip. They attacked squaredom wherever it raised its head. Have you ever noticed that each member of Electric Mayhem represented a different genre of cool 60s/70s music?

Dr Teeth is pure psychadelia, of course. It’s not hard to imagine him gigging with Jefferson Airplane, The Electric Prunes (more electricity, coincidence?) or these days with Phish.

Janice is folk-rock. Aside from the direct Joplin reference, she’s more post-Easter Patti Smith than, say, Joan Baez.

Floyd is prog-rock. More polished and complete than the rest. Military tunic buttoned all the way down, if you will.

Zoot is jazz, past its countercultural prime by the time Electric Mayhem were playing but still cool.

Animal is proto-punk and hard rock, exemplified by early Who, very early Rolling Stones, MC5, Led Zep and so forth.

NEXT WEEK: Professor Honeydew – The inevitable collapse of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie?

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