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Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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Beware: Culture

Posted upon the 24th of May, 2006

The Arts and Crafts movement, of the late nineteenth century, saw a danger in the spread of industrial machines into human life. They set about creating beautiful things with their own skilled hands, and decided that when a machine must be used, it should make work easier, not be work in itself. The furniture, decorations […]

From “The Day the Village Green turned Red: a Woman’s Recollections”

Posted upon the 20th of May, 2006

Authored by Miss Violet A.M., originally published by Sir Frederick Chook’s Leopard Oil and Publishing Co., LONDON “But Violet!“, Germaine protested, “Is it truly necessary to run off and throttle all the patriarchs, tonight?” “It is, dear sister.” Violet explained. “You must agree the time for bloody revolution has come.” “Oh, of course,” Germaine agreed, […]

Thoughts on a Hundred Years Ago

Posted upon the 20th of May, 2006

The Victorian Era. 1837-1901, give or take half a decade at either end. Why immerse oneself in the study of history, ever placing it up alongside the present? Was life better then? Certainly not. Business was almost completely unregulated, the rich lived in excess and the poor in squalor, disease was widespread. Was it a […]

Advice to the Romantic Scientist: How to Measure the Weight of the Letter “R”

Posted upon the 8th of May, 2006

You will need: A scales A paper A ink FIRST: Measure the weight of the paper, record. SECOND: On the paper, write the letter “R” with the ink. THIRD: Measure the weight of the paper with the letter written on it with the ink. FOURTH: Remove the paper, measure the weight of the letter and […]

From “An Enchanting Tale for Young Children, Filled with Essential Moral Lessons and Enchanting Illustrations” (1922)

Posted upon the 8th of May, 2006

Chaper Two: The Day they found Grandfather’s Powered-Man in the Attic. Gaulderoy was still keen to explore the attic, even though the children had already been disciplined once that afternoon. Delilah, the eldest (though many visitors could not tell, as Gaulderoy was several inches taller than her) was insistent that they should stay Downstairs and […]

Explaining the Chook Diagram Mk 1

Posted upon the 6th of May, 2006

In which Sir Frederick references this post. The three poles do not necessarily represent any specific form of government nor the extent of that government’s powers. Size and strength of government is very difficult to glue to ideology. We can easily imagine a “small” liberal government bearing only minimal powers and giving maximum leeway to […]

Joseph Beuys was a medical student

Posted upon the 4th of May, 2006

In wartime Krefeld, Made to join the Luftwaffe, And he was shot down Over the Soviet Union. He was rescued by Crimean Tartars (who he might have imagined.) He survived with their help, Wrapped in lard and felt. This unlikely beginning Gave him symbols of healing And he became a conceptual artist And helped found […]

Thoughts on America, the Frontier Nation

Posted upon the 3rd of May, 2006

Because that’s what they are – a nation on the FRONTIER! Living hard, battling against the elements, every day a struggle just to survive, breeding TRUE HEROES! They have to be thrifty, and careful, to preserve supplies and food and ammunition. That’s why they can’t waste any resources taking care of the poor, or worrying […]