Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


Wherein the Author reflects upon certain topical & personal issues of the Day.

From “An Enchanting Tale for Young Children, Filled with Essential Moral Lessons and Enchanting Illustrations” (1922)

Penned upon the 8th of May, 2006

Chaper Two: The Day they found Grandfather’s Powered-Man in the Attic.

Gaulderoy was still keen to explore the attic, even though the children had already been disciplined once that afternoon. Delilah, the eldest (though many visitors could not tell, as Gaulderoy was several inches taller than her) was insistent that they should stay Downstairs and do as they were told.
“You’re such a Fascist, Delilah” Gaulderoy complained.
“Well, I don’t think that I am a Fascist, but if I am a Fascist, I don’t mind,” said Delilah, “for Father says the Fascists are improving the public order of Italy.”
“P**h!” said Gaulderoy, quite rudely.
Eventually it was decided that they should explore, but only a little while, for they simply must be back before the bell was rung for tea-time or else the housekeeper would notice that they had gone.
The stairs to the attick were very tall, and Isabelle feared that they would trip and fall for ever and ever, but Gaulderoy reinvigorated her with promises of cakes at the top. Spanish pirates, he explained, had once roamed this part of Birmingham, and were in the habit of hiding their treasure of cake in the houses that they occupied. Delilah was sure that their house had been built by Great-Uncle Lyman, but Gaulderoy explained that pirates had only died out ten years ago, almost in the time of history, and so could have lived there in the time before they were born.

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