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Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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The archive for July, 2006

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George Eudaimonia Mollyhouse, dandy, dies, aged 98.

Posted upon the 31st of July, 2006

Mr George Eudaimonia Mollyhouse, one of the oldest surviving Regency dandies, died today of complications arising after the removal of his cravat. A gifted wit and raconteur, Mollyhouse will be remembered for his voluminous monologues on the subjects of fashion, politics, fashion, sporting, fashion and fashion. FrillyShirt had fortune enough to conduct an interview with […]

Just One Inadvisable Shilling.

Posted upon the 21st of July, 2006

Sir or Madam, do you own an Internet?

Posted upon the 19th of July, 2006

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Conventions, like crème brulée, are made to be broken.

Posted upon the 15th of July, 2006

Like any discipline, the practice of sartorial physics is bound by certain rules. It is imperative that these rules be widely known and understood, else breaking them would pass unnoticed, and the truly well-dressed must at some point break every rule that they can find. ‘Bosh’ and ‘pshaw’ readers cry; let me give bulk to […]

The Chook Chart of Occidentalist Democracy Mk 2

Posted upon the 8th of July, 2006

What is this? Political opinion has often been explained as a sliding scale between two extremes: left and right, democracy and despotism, capitalism and communism, radical and reactionary. Some theorists have proposed a two-axis model: economic and social factors, or statism and rationalism. The politically active usually make a distintion of their own: big government […]

Poet Takes to Skies, Confounds Authorities

Posted upon the 6th of July, 2006

Thirty-one year old poet Mr Gerrald Oliver Pettigrew has been flying above the city since early this afternoon, causing a general disturbance and commotion among the citizenry. The matter first came to police attention when a spat fell from the sky near Charing Cross. This seemingly isolated incident was compounded when several members of the […]