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George Eudaimonia Mollyhouse, dandy, dies, aged 98.

Penned upon the 31st of July, 2006

Mr George Eudaimonia Mollyhouse, one of the oldest surviving Regency dandies, died today of complications arising after the removal of his cravat. A gifted wit and raconteur, Mollyhouse will be remembered for his voluminous monologues on the subjects of fashion, politics, fashion, sporting, fashion and fashion. FrillyShirt had fortune enough to conduct an interview with Mr Mollyhouse earlier in the year, excerpts from which will be printed below.

On his youth as a leader among dandies: “We knew we were the most refined, the most austere… you walked around the city in a big group, if you saw someone wearing a floppy bow, you beat them up, you saw someone wearing stockings, you beat them up, someone wearing their hair long, saw a Romantic… Mmm.”

On Aestheticism: “Ooh, no, I don’t think I care for that at all. We never would have dressed like that. Back then, you didn’t want people thinking you were womanly, or didn’t… didn’t care about money, or couldn’t kill an otter. We used to say, if a bull turns to look at you… you… you’re probably wearing some grass. We didn’t like grass.”

On his past rebelliousness: “Oh, it took a lot of stones to be a dandy. We’d declared war on all of society. The plebs hated us, we hated them; they were all Socialists, you know. The only… the only people who understood us were the King and the entire House of Lords. You don’t have to put up with that sort of thing these days.”

Mr Mollyhouse’s estate passes into the hands of his granddaughter, Charlotte Mollyhouse, who has revealed her intention to auction it off and buy a quadricycle. Funeral services will be held at 3 o’clock tomorrow at St Brigid Of The Unending Audacity on Ponylope Road.

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    This. Is so true. My gods.

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