Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


Wherein the Author reflects upon certain topical & personal issues of the Day.

Playlist for Highly Enjoyable Wireless Entertainment Hours, 5th of September

Penned upon the 6th of September, 2006

Jeeves and Wooster say What Ho!
The Jam – Man In The Cornershop
Ms Ella Fitzgerald – I Get A Kick Out Of You
Bauhaus – St Vitus Dance
Mr Flanders & Mr Swann – P** P* B**** B** D******
Mr Allen Ginsberg – America
OutKast – Humble Mumble
Mr Jason Webley – Hey Ya
The Dresden Dolls – The Rainbow Connection
Ms Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts – Gotta Knock A Little Harder
Ms Patti Smith – Gandhi
Mr Fred Astaire – Dancing In The Dark
Mr David Bowie – Voyeur of Utter Distruction
Poison Girls – Persons Unknown
Mr Louis Armstrong – Helly, Dolly!
Neutral Milk Hotel – My Dreamgirl Don’t Exist
Ms Jill Tracy – Make It Burn
Crass – Major General Despair
The Clash – Career Opportunities
Ms Ani diFranco – Hello Birmingham
Flogging Molly – Rebels of the Sacred Heart
Firewater – Black Box Recording
J.U.F. – Last Wish Of The Bride

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