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Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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For new readers: The Earl Grey.

Penned upon the 5th of November, 2006

The Earl Grey Social Club
The Earl Grey had warranted a nod or two in the popular presses recently, so I think it fit to re-explore its concept and recapitulate its history for anyone who may be picking up a copy of FrillyShirt for the first time.

The Earl Grey is the seed of a society. It is the seed of a society for residents of Colonial Capital MELBOURNE who are devotees of refined pursuits and dying arts; arts as diverse as tailoring, swing dancing, flâneurie and appreciating verse. It is, essentially, dedicated to enjoying and propagating the finest pleasures of life.

It is, at present, but the seed of a society. It was planted at an inopportune time, materially and philosophically, and it has not yet taken root. With public interest, perhaps it shall grow.

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