Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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The archive for January, 2007

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FrillyShirt Tea Shirts!

Posted upon the 30th of January, 2007

Everyone likes a nice, comfy tea shirt to wear under their house-coat or dressing-gown: perhaps while nibbling biscuit crumbs off the sheets in the afternoon, or when receiving guests one enjoys but does not paticularly respect (a harlequin, the Prime Minister.) Almost as popular as wearing tea shirts is wearing tea shirts with amusing, mentally […]

The Editor, in the Style of the Post-Impressionists

Posted upon the 29th of January, 2007

Photograph by Lady Tanah, suit and waistcoat by Adriano Carbone.

The Sleep of Vera Produces Marvels

Posted upon the 22nd of January, 2007

The Sleep of Vera Produces Marvels. For a larger viewing, click.

Circa Nocturna Alternative Fashion Show!

Posted upon the 17th of January, 2007

Attention, residents of Colonial Capital MELBOURNE! Are you as dapper as Renoir and as maudlin as Poe? You should most certainly attend this display of the city’s best unaffiliated needlesmiths’ creations of the year! Read more about it here!

Venus Infers, with guest authoress Madam C

Posted upon the 10th of January, 2007

This all started, you see, on an ordinary, balmy night in the Summer. My little minskies and I were concluding another successful day of humiliation and degredation in the House of Pain, and had retired to my gracious smoking balcony to relax and unwind. Soothed by the musical tones of ice against glass; and by […]

A Humble Collage

Posted upon the 10th of January, 2007

Collage, Oriental Scene with Death and Bicycles For a larger viewing, click.

Mr Slanders – Society Gossip For The New Year!

Posted upon the 1st of January, 2007

Happy new year, libel-philes! And happy it has been indeed, for those whose ability to imbibe is only outmatched by their servants’ willingness to carry them home! Mr Gregory Allegory, the American Millionaire, was of course the talk of the town, until his personal style consultants, Cedric and Ulysses Rogery, interrupted the party to claim […]