Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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Circa Nocturna Fashion Parade This Friday

Posted upon the 27th of February, 2007

This Friday, March 2nd, I shall be at the Northcote Town Hall, viewing the works of some of Melbourne’s finest independent designers. Tickets are on sale for $15 at Peril Underground, Gown of Thorns and Vicious Venus, or $20 at the door – though they’re selling out fast!. Afterwards, there shall be a celebration alongside […]

How To Be Lovely: Eveningwear I

Posted upon the 21st of February, 2007

A guide to men’s clothes, exploring their artistic facet, their historic, their practical; of interest to gentlemen who wear clothes and women who wear gentlemen’s clothes (a commendable practice.) Those seeking how to tie a bow-tie, whether wide or narrow lapels currently grace the magazines, or which combination of shirt and shoes will avoid attention […]

Up the #6 Municipal Flow Outlet with Elephant Gun & Native Guide

Posted upon the 20th of February, 2007

“If […] it be asked us to specify what kind of amount of art, style, or other interest in a building, makes it worth protecting, we answer, anything which can be looked on as artistic, picturesque, historical, antique, or substantial: any work in short, over which educated, artistic people would think it worthwhile to argue […]

A reading from The Fop’s Handkerchief Code

Posted upon the 15th of February, 2007

A sumptuous compendium of wearable cyphers with which, alongside the languages of flowers, hats, fans and schnauzers, one can subtly announce one’s inclinations and interests. If my pocket square is ___, I enjoy _____. White – Talking about shoes. Light blue – Impromptu dancing, sailing, eating muffins. Pale green – The study of tribal cultures, […]

The Bohemians, a Burlesque Scene

Posted upon the 7th of February, 2007

“I am the finest poet in the world,” Leopold cried, “and I dare any of you bastards to say otherwise!” Ned replied by vomiting profligately into the water carafe. “We’ll have a poetry competition” – Leopold again – “I mean it!” “You haven’t written anything in eight months. Not since your wife left you and […]