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Stately Homes and Sir Fredericks

Penned upon the 20th of March, 2007

A statue from Labassa's facade
This glowery figure guards Labassa’s doors.

Hi de ho, FrillyShirteans! Lady Tanah and I spent the day touring two lovely Victorian houses, now lovingly maintained by the National Trust. Labassa, currently undergoing restoration, is to my eye paticularly noteworthy for its trompe-l’Å“il ceiling and wonderful Arabesque lit alcoves. Rippon Lea is a complete estate of house, outbuilding and grounds, laid out as the home of another Sir Frederick – Sir Frederick Sargood; soft furnishing merchant, philanthropist, the son of a radical and a precursor of governmental industrial relations himself. Rippon Lea’s decor is very much a meeting of the finest elments of Victorian and 1920s and 1930s aesthetics, formal but feminine and comfortable. Even finer are the surrounding gardens: designed from the beginning to be self-sufficient with regards to watering, they combine exotic and native plants to beautiful effect, with an ornamental waterfall and plenty of happy ducks; a literal oasis of lush, dense life. Contemporary Australia could certainly learn a lot about combining beauty and sustainability so.

Go here to help the National Trust, and click the image below to view Sir Frederick and Lady Tanah’s gallery of the properties!
Bottoms! On a vase!

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