Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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The archive for June, 2007

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Phantoms in Straw Hats: Vanished Places in the Australian Landscape

Posted upon the 26th of June, 2007

I was born here in Colonial Capital MELBOURNE, and grew up among the rainforests, mountains, ferns and evergreens of rural Victoria. Both are exceptional places: beautiful, mysterious and sublime in the truest sense of the world; telling the viewer of a great history at work, far beyond the scale of a hairy little individual in […]

A Day at the Seaside!

Posted upon the 16th of June, 2007

The eternally wonderous Lady Tanah and I were able to afford a moment of respite in our winter timetable today, as business had us over in historic seaside Williamstown! It’s nice just to give yourself permission to rest and regenerate when you need it. Williamstown is thoroughly charming – we sniffed tasty soaps in the […]

There’s no blood on my handkerchief, just three swell autographs…

Posted upon the 7th of June, 2007

Winter is truly here, and my constitution being an artistic and sensitive one, I feel the cold most bitterly in my lungs. I apologise for the parcity of fresh intellectual content; rest assured that my readers have been foremost in my thoughts and I fully intend to reward your patience as best I can. In […]

More for the Library!

Posted upon the 1st of June, 2007

I feel very fortunate to know so many talented writers! Having already admired the gently-rippling pink pages of Lord Whimsy’s Companion, and eagerly awaiting Cover the Mirrors… …I’ve just sent off for a copy of the wonderful Leonie Stevens’s The Remarkable Miss Julia Merton. I hope Leonie won’t mind me saying that, knowing her, I’ve […]