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Now That’s News

Penned upon the 19th of January, 2008

The fashion pages aren’t usually terribly exciting – a busy season release might bring some genuinely nice designs to ogle, but there’s not much in between, so if you get a dud, you’re out of luck.

There have been some fantastic stories lately, though – fantastic because of the cool people they feature, people I’m lucky enough to know! First was Fashion Tribes of Melbourne – one of the safari-style “meet the subcultures” pieces which appears every year, but this time interviewing Bernie of Circa Nocturna and showing him looking dramatic in his big coat, alongside the fantastic Aowyne (who you might remember from a picnic on a train!) Also, if you look just so, you can see Lady Tanah and I in the Circa Nocturna crowd scenes. …anyhoo… As a breathtaking follow-up, we have a full-page spread of Aris looking gorgeous for a special presentation of modern corsetry! Aris’s work is always impressive.

Congratulations and nice work, everyone! If I’ve left out any important details, poke me with your pointiest stick and I’ll set things right. I’ve another fun beauty story to tell – a bit of an adventure, in fact – which I’ll get together and share with you soon!

Postscript: Plus! The very day I mention this, it happens again – my friend Jess is in today’s A2! Check it out. Nice work, Jess!

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