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Shame Shoutfit Never Took Off…

Penned upon the 22nd of May, 2008

Hello, gang. Not terribly great news from my end, I’m afraid. Between illness in the family and a thesis proposal to work on, I’ve had precious little time to give you the entertaining content you deserve. The best I can offer for now is the products of some amusing little outfit-assembling websites, working with precreated items to create new looks.

First up is Polyvore, creating entries for Gala Darling’s How To Wear contest. The prize? Presents from Gala’s trip to New York! Check it check it out!

Punk Nouveau

Longhair Supreme

Secret Agent Woman


There’s also Meez, which creates cartoony 3D models of outfits – usually based on sponsorships from up-and-coming designers and artists, including a lot of rappers, funnily enough.

The Jazzy

The Casual

The Tropical

The Summery

The Cycling

The Day Off

I suppose, to some, it might seem incongruous that I post so often about clothing, given that I mentioned the intended accessibility of FrillyShirt. Not everyone is interested in clothes, after all. But I like clothes, and I think they’re deeper than people think. They’re one of the few forms of plastic art which we carry everywhere with us. They also engage directly with the human form in a way even sculpture cannot – they bridge the world of ideas and the practical world in a very tangible way. Any curator will tell you (and I should know; I’m marrying one) that actually bringing the public and the artworks together is the tricky part. Your clothes, though, will be seen by most everyone you meet, or even just pass by, every single day. If the medium weren’t so ensnarled by the notion that fashionable is right and everything else is wrong, I think people would be readier to give clothing the recognition as an artform it deserves.

Anyhow, soon things should be that bit more reasonable and I’ll yammer at you again. Enjoy your week!

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