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Wedding Planning, A Guest Post By Lady Tanah Merah

Penned upon the 4th of July, 2008

I have come up with a new game, based on all the memes/google/image search entries as have been posted since journals and blogs were invented!

As most of you know, no, all of you I suspect, Sir Fred and I are planning our wedding. I’ve come up with an idea for a theme wedding … who will be brave enough to follow it through?

In today’s digital age, anything goes, and in this instance, it’s all about your special day … your Google Weddingâ„¢.

What on earth does she mean?

Find your self some dice, a random dice roller on the internet will be just peachy. With this random dice roller, roll a dice with the value of one through twenty. No more … No less.

Let’s say you’re looking for the perfect cakeâ„¢, flowersâ„¢, hairstyleâ„¢, dressâ„¢, so on and so on and so onâ„¢. Enter what you need to find for your ‘Perfect Day’â„¢ in Google Imagesearch … you should all know where this is by now. Press enter …

Roll one die, whatever number that dice lands on, click on that page in Google Imagesearch.

Again, roll the dice and whatever number this adds up to, go to this image on the aforementioned page of Google Imagesearch. For example, you might end up on Page 6 of your search, and then, having rolled, for example a 14, will need to go to that image on your search.

Whatever image you land on, will be the Perfect Item of your Choice, the thing you always dreamed of having on Your Perfect Dayâ„¢ … and best of all? You didn’t even know it.

So now, when you search for ‘wedding dress’ and land on a dress made of loo paper, or, the world’s longest wedding dress, well … that’s just what you’re going to go with. Of course, you can be inventive, but your creative interpretation must be forever linked to your humble Google Image Search.

Good Luck and may the Force of the Perfect Dayâ„¢ be with you! Infact, let’s just call this the Google Perfect Wedding Challenge … who will YOU ask to complete it with you?

— Lady Tanah

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