Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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Quotes and Pomes

Posted upon the 24th of May, 2009

In times of adversity, I take a certain amount of solace in the words of greater minds than mine and nimbler tongues. Which includes that phrase, in fact, from Steve Earle’s “Warrior”. I’m feeling adverse, so here’s something from my present study, and an old favourite which always soothes. “The production of a work of […]

Sincere Thanks, Observations, Swell Chaps

Posted upon the 5th of May, 2009

Hello, everyone. Thanks for being patient while FrillyShirt is relatively, well, inert. I’m a Quaker’s indolence from the end of a degree five years in the making, and this final six months is the most difficult scholarly task I’ve ever attempted. My sleep is disrupted, I’m staying awake for whole days then crashing spectacularly, falling […]