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Birthdays and books, or, Wear thimbles as shoes!

Penned upon the 29th of September, 2009

Heigh ho! It’s I, your charmingly hirsute correspondent here. First order of business is some very important news for you all: it’s Ms Merah’s birthday today! Happy birthday to her, happy birthday to her, it’s her birthday today, la la la hurrah!

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, “what’s this nonsense about lacing up a pair of thimbles and going into town?” And you’re quite right, of course. It is nonsense. Completely bonkers. I wouldn’t blame you if you went and read something else. But if you do, I shall recommend any of several fantastic reading opportunities which little do you know are available to you!

First up is a thought-provoking article by my old chum Whim Boyle – you might have seen his stretchwear wizardry referenced elsewhere on FrillyShirt. The Awakening of Dark Gods is a study of a Jungian dark and fleshly God as expressed in modern horror writing. Fantastic, mystical stuff.

Speaking of fleshpots, next up is longtime FrillyShirt favourite Faye L. Booth’s new novel, Trades of the Flesh. I’m assured it’s perfectly scandalous, and if there’s one thing I like, it’s a piping hot scandal. Check it out.

Finally, the indispensably nifty Nicole Jenkins of Circa Vintage Clothing is soon to release her companion to vintage fashion, Love Vintage, with launches in Sydney and Melbourne. Knowing Nicole, I have no doubt that this tome will be laden with verified wisdom – the gal knows her clothes like few others. Keep an eye on her blog for the Melbourne launch dates, folks.

Well, that’s all from me. I’ve got some very important silly songs to sing at my wife. Ciao, amigos!

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