Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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The archive for October, 2009

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Bridges & Balloons

Posted upon the 29th of October, 2009

Hulloa, FrillyShirt fans! I’m well aware I’m owing you a delightful part to to the Public’s Peacocks series, as well as some more of the usual malarkey, and I full intend to deliver. There will be some small delay, however, because I have some Fantastical Adventures to undertake – some which I hope shall provide […]

The Public’s Peacocks, Part One

Posted upon the 17th of October, 2009

Among the fops and dandies of history, there have been more than a few whose philosophy of life was, shall we say, a little conservative. Brummell himself moved in the most elite circles – so select as he felt justified in snubbing the Prince Regent, albeit with provocation – but he was a down-to-earth man […]

Every Good Boy Deserves Laudanum

Posted upon the 6th of October, 2009

Fellow logophiles will no doubt be cognisant of the fascinating blend of Romance and Germanic language inherent in modern English. We’ll freely use words from both to describe the same thing – a large, behorned animal may be a Latin beef or a German cow, for instance! Even our system of time has a little […]

Quickly Quickly

Posted upon the 5th of October, 2009

A quick update, in short advance of a longer one! First up, Love Vintage: A Passion For Collection Fashion‘s Melbourne launch has a date attached: October 21st. It’s also available or pre-order! Second, locals with a dab hand for the needle, the jeweller’s pliers, the sculptor’s gimlet… or any other artisinal tool… may well be […]