Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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Shiny Pretty Things

Penned upon the 18th of May, 2010

I don’t say this often, but there a few works soon to hit the market that I really am rather excited about. One is a local piece – Melbourne literary journal Meanjin‘s Winter ’10 edition, which shall “open the velvet curtains onto the world of steampunk.” Should be good!

Speaking of technopunk, some exciting news in the film world: a copy of the complete cut of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis – thought lost since its debut in 1927! – was found in an archive, clear on the other side of the world. It’s been painstakingly restored, and the new footage, I hear, adds considerably to the story and tone of the film. I’m keen to see, and it seems it’s to be released for sale come November.

Finally, Fortean researcher Mike Dash is soon to release a new book of his researches: Spring–heeled Jack: Sources and Interpretation. I’ve referenced his Jack writing here before, and his strict scepticism only heightens the thrillingness of the mystery. A ghost story is one thing, but a man who took up a wild rumour and put some effort into turning it into a sadistic reality, well, that demands certain questions be asked. So, I think I shall consider that a must-read!

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