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So, Politics

Penned upon the 8th of August, 2010

We’re having a federal election in two weeks! I’m following as much electoral news as I can stand – which isn’t terribly much; the rhetoric’s hard to stomach this year – but I don’t have a great deal to say about the whole business. The bulk of the campaign seems to be the two major parties alternately proposing and dropping reprehensible policies, like a pair of clowns juggling turds. I will repeat what I say every election, though: fellow colonials, familiarise yourself with our preferential voting system! We’re fortunate to have it! Remember: you can vote 1 for your favourite party, no matter how slim you think their chances, and still support the major that you want to see win. A vote for a minor party is not wasted, it won’t split the movement, and it’s a damn shame more Australian voters don’t understand this. The Greens have a handy little example page on the subject – oriented toward voting for them, natch, but the information’s sound. Oh, and to make the notoriously labyrinthine Senate voting papers a little easier, here are couple of guides: BelowTheLine.Org.Au and

Such matters of method aside, there is one matter of policy I wanted to comment on… specifically, I wanted to say that asylum seekers, as an election issue, is a fart in a teacup. The Coalition’s attack ads paint the government’s stance as criminally negligent in the face of a looming threat – but the number of refugees who attempt such entry is so pitifully minute, and the objections to their coming are so weak, that it’s the ultimate non-issue. The latest round of “stop the boats” adverts was so offensive, both morally and intellectually, that I simply had to create something equally absurd, hysterical and meaningless. Thus: VOTE 1 ANTI-SAILOR PARTY.

(Incidentally, overall, I think of Facebook like a cockney ‘fixer’ from a 1960s English heist flick – it’ll reliably do what it’s asked to do, but you wouldn’t trust it with any information that could possibly be used to defraud or otherwise incommode you, in any way, ever. But, if you have ventured to work with Facebook, while being careful not to leave it alone with your “bird” or your “bread,” here’s the FrillyShirt Facebook page.)

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  1. The Notorious L.Y.N.Z. was heard to remark,

    Upon the 9th of August, 2010 at 2:24 pm,

    Without wishing to reduce the intellectual atmos too significantly, Australia is so goddamn remote from everything else that anyone arriving here in a boat should be given a fucking medal!

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