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Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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Travellers, Revellers, Caves & Masquerades

Penned upon the 30th of November, 2010

I have a bevy of wonderful links for you all! First up, there are two new posts on Po’Boy! “Reports from the Kingdom of Life, Part 1,” the beginning of a Utopian travelogue in an artistic enclave, and “Bad Jobs,” a discussion of the regrettable things we do for the crust. Did you know that Po’Boy is keen to meet talented artists, and to publish and distribute their work? It’s a damn exciting opportunity if you’re looking for some creative collaboration. Get in touch and JOIN! THE AWESUM!

Next is a sillier wonderful link: I’ve been playing an extremely spiffy browser game called Echo Bazaar. It describes the adventures of bohemians, ruffians, detectives and footpads in a subterranean London, ruled by a cabal of plutocratic things, stalked by squid-faced creatures and spiders the size of wolfhounds, connected intimately to Hell and far, far distant from the memory of light and joy. There are rats and cats and bats and vicars and something moist which lives in mirrors.

Finally, not a link as such, but we’ve been patronising our local library (sterling institution!) and I picked up Joseph Pearce’s The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde. So far, it’s much better than its title or Amazon summary would suggest, and I really have been enjoying it enormously. I also borrowed a collection of Holmesean study, and a research into Australian artists which includes valuable information regarding the Patersons, so I am a happy reader – and, hopefully, an inspired one! Lord knows I could do with a shot in the arm, creatively. I hope to do some delving into metaphysics, but it’s hard to balance eternal mysteries with full-time work – I feel a regular Bunthorne, seeking whirlwinds, but having to do the best I can with the bellows. Oh well; fingers crossed, Fate shall have its Florentine fourteenth-century way.

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Commentary upon “Travellers, Revellers, Caves & Masquerades”

  1. laurel was heard to remark,

    Upon the 11th of December, 2010 at 6:57 pm,

    ah! thank you for the link to Echo Bazaar…bizarre and weird and wonderful and…delicious! i’m afraid i have spent far too many hours playing since following the link you put in your post.
    really enjoy your blog :)

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