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On the Kingdom of Life

Penned upon the 26th of December, 2010

“DUDLEY-PIKESTAFF: Sir Mayn- Sir- the most unexpected discovery, I mean, the balance of powers, the theological implications alone! The Monarch, and the pirates; the w-w-worst excesses of the Civil War did not..!”

If you’ve been reading Po’Boy and following the adventures of that disquieted diplomatic, Terrence Dudley-Pikestaff, then you’ll know he’s just made the most shocking discovery about the Kingdom of Life’s unorthodox system of rulership. If you haven’t been reading Po’Boy, then now’s your chance! Go! Immediately! Good god, there’s no time to lose; put down that tuba and go!

(Besides Avantean adventures, Po’Boy is presently showcasing some rather beautiful works by the artists Jennifer Hom and Jen Mussari, a short piece by myself about the nature of technological progress and obsolescence, and the beginning of a series of video game video reviews (if you follow,) beginning with contemporary cult hit Minecraft.)

Back now? Right. You might be wondering: just what is this poky little Kingdom? Where did it come from? How does it remain, despite evidentially having an economy based around sneering at Academicians? Well, I am at liberty to reveal certain facts about the founding of the Kingdom and its socio-economic structure – facts which will not have too destabilising an effect on the Continental situation, and which may in fact prove encouraging to financiers and other daring members of the merchant class.

FOUNDING: The Kingdom was founded when, in a dim and smoky eatery in Paris, one sozzled student declared “We’ve got to get a band together” and her companion replied “No… let’s start a nation-state!”

LAND RIGHTS: The First Monarch’s hep cousin had inherited the long-dormant feudal entitlements of the fort which became the centre of Avant. The Swiss government could overrule these claims, but they soon determined that it would be cheaper to allow the artists to tax the local farmers in kind than to seize the land and make remuneration. So long as Avant claims no international legitimacy from their toleration by canton or federal authorities, their use of the land is likely to remain unchallenged.

LANGUAGE: Switzerland was already a melting pot, and the sudden appearance of fanciful scholars, artisans and radicals from across the continent did little for the town’s social cohesion. Some practical philosophers claim to have transcended spoken language, and to communicate more purely through gesture, inflection and other nonverbal cues. Others find universal languages in music, mathematics, technical illustration and, most commonly, mountain wine.

MILITARY: The elite of the Kingdom’s small standing army are the renowned H Battalion.

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