Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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The Most Boring Man in Fallen London, Part Fourteen

Posted upon the 29th of August, 2015

The Cuttlefish cut through the waters of Carissa’s Point and directed its bow towards London. Mr Porter, propped against a packing-crate, snored loud enough to drown out the engine, while his children attended to the tiller with wordless efficiency. Doctor Taupe-Wainscot recalled their previous voyage, and the sinister ship that had followed them along the […]

Can You Tie It In A Bow?

Posted upon the 4th of August, 2015

In what might very loosely be considered a tribute to the continuing centenary of the Great War, I’ve been investigating a couple of examples of puzzling phraseology that have both been attributed to that era. First, that well-known American children’s song, “Do Your Ears Hang Low.” Some trace the lyrics back to soldiers’ songs of […]