Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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CHAPFEST Musical Festival!

Posted upon the 22nd of September, 2011

I bet you did not know that the Three Swell Chaps were the driving force behind a travelling festival featuring the era’s “hottest”, or most fashionable, performers! You can’t have known, but that’s alright – I’m only just telling you now – so there’s no hurry to pay me my winnings. CHAPFEST (as it has […]

Two Oilmen in Charing Cross Hotel

Posted upon the 8th of June, 2010

AMERICAN OILMAN: (seated on a large wicker chair) Say now, are you here for the Exhibition of Drilling? ENGLISH OILMAN: (seated at table) Oh, yes, I am. I’m here representing Northern Morgenthaum. And yourself..? AMERICAN: Lanyard Caine; Caine Oil, New York. I’ve come here to recruit – I need a damn good tutor to teach […]

Of Restaurants and Revenants

Posted upon the 3rd of August, 2009

When it comes to horror-themed theatre restaurants, Melbourne has long had a Big Three: Dracula’s, in the north; Witches in Britches, in the west; and Hunchbax, in the east. In the south is the sea. Now, you’ll note, if you clicked those links, that Hunchbax recently closed down, leaving the trifecta suddenly incomplete. It’s a […]

Am Still Alive (Further Filler)

Posted upon the 9th of April, 2009

IGNORED AT PARTIES?Any child could tell you that you need LEOPARD OIL.Leopard Oil contains ZEST, HOOP-LAH and ARGH CRIKEY to make you the Centre of Attention!YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO NOT PURCHASE AND PAY FOR ONE TUB OF LEOPARD OIL.Make them say “Dear Chr*st, let’s look at her!”Leopard Oil is a Fully Patented Product of Sir […]

Thomas Clavell Still At Large

Posted upon the 17th of March, 2009

Hello, FrillyShirteans. My thesis has reached that point where it must occupy the vast majority of my time. To reward your patience in hearing me through the weeks ahead (fairer fields and weddings bells no doubt lying on the other side), I’m reissuing some of my favourite Classic FrillyShirt. It’s honestly hard to believe I’ve […]

Peanuts Explained

Posted upon the 7th of March, 2009

Have you seen Marmaduke Explained? In its fourth year now, it takes the daily Marmaduke strip and deconstructs it, summarises its core joke in 500 words or less, and shows it up as so much utter hash. Now, that’s grand fun, but I do wonder if even a high-quality newspaper comic would stand up to […]

Which Is To Say Nothing Of The Steampunks In The Nighttime…

Posted upon the 16th of September, 2008

You might have noticed that I am occasionally given to collaging and recaptioning Victorian illustrata. I sometimes even arrange it on attractive tea shirts! Well, I’m far from the only fellow with the idea, so I thought it high time to acknowledge some of my fellow plunderers of public-domain Victoriana. To start, in print form, […]


Posted upon the 24th of June, 2008

My singularly foppish chum Melanthios just discovered something which looks rather wonderful – a mystery series with Oscar Wilde as the hero by Gyles Brandreth, the comedy writer, biographer and MP (Tory, alas.) I haven’t read any of them, but the concept is so wonderful, I’m driven to manifest one of the characters who’ve been […]