Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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The archive for November, 2005

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Principles of Mercantilism and The Muppets

Posted upon the 29th of November, 2005

I lied. It’s just Muppets. The Muppets were hip. They attacked squaredom wherever it raised its head. Have you ever noticed that each member of Electric Mayhem represented a different genre of cool 60s/70s music? Dr Teeth is pure psychadelia, of course. It’s not hard to imagine him gigging with Jefferson Airplane, The Electric Prunes […]

A Birthday Post

Posted upon the 24th of November, 2005

Concealed amonst a bargeman’s contraband, I returned to the city after a disasterous attempt to pass myself off as a member of the dimplomatic envoy to Peking. After calming my nerves with a finger of brandy and a sound beating, I hit the underground for the latest information. Acting on information from a ladyboy hustler […]

Few Days Begin With A Vowel

Posted upon the 17th of November, 2005

Easter Sunday is one exception. Tuesday saw half a million people nation-wide (Sir Frederick and Cornelius Hemmingway among them) march against the Federal Government’s attack on the worker and the unions. Photos will follow. Wednesday saw Sir Frederick attend a concert by Steve Earle, which possessed sufficient quantities of rock. Today is Thursday, which sees […]

Our Spirit For Our Safety?

Posted upon the 8th of November, 2005

Since federation, the Australian government has had a definite role in the lives of its citizens. The role of the helping hand. An arbiter to ensure wages were enough to live in comfort. A safety net to protect those who fell between the cracks. It served, in the greatest tradition of liberal and social values, […]

Of Mice and Ministers

Posted upon the 4th of November, 2005

“As poor as a church mouse”. From context, we can almost certainly assume that a church mouse is indeed poor. But what are we to make of this? The phrase tells us nothing of the cause of the mouse’s poverty. In fact, it gives us almost nothing to work with in this regard. The church […]

A Tale of Persians and Wasps

Posted upon the 2nd of November, 2005

I do apologise for my prolonged absence. The honest truth of the matter is that I was kidnapped by Sufis intent on retraining me as a spy in the house of Saxe-Coburg, and I had to battle my way overland to Cairo, underland to Morocco and then underwater to Reykjavik. But on to the interesting […]