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Thoughts on America, the Frontier Nation

Penned upon the 3rd of May, 2006

Because that’s what they are – a nation on the FRONTIER! Living hard, battling against the elements, every day a struggle just to survive, breeding TRUE HEROES! They have to be thrifty, and careful, to preserve supplies and food and ammunition. That’s why they can’t waste any resources taking care of the poor, or worrying about trifles like the environment. And gay marriage? If that sort of thing was allowed to subvert the traditional family, the next generation might not have enough strong young males to defend the fort against bears!

Never mind that they’ve been a prosperous unified nation for hundreds of years, barring the odd depression or civil war. People live in the suburbs. Bears get drive-through. They have a different concept of “rights” to Europe. They see their guns as their right, because they need them to defend their home against wolves! Never mind that they’re a post-industrial nation, and the wolves all attend gallery openings and release their short films on home-made DVDs. It’s the FRONTIER!

Tomorrow: “Sir Frederick – does he WANT the bears to win?”

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Commentary upon “Thoughts on America, the Frontier Nation”

  1. Dick Chesterly was heard to remark,

    Upon the 4th of May, 2006 at 1:08 am,

    Guns ARE a necessary part of daily life – why, just the other week my son shot an intruder and defended our property. Actually it turned out to be a friend of his who he THOUGHT was an intruder at the time (my son may have been slightly drunk), but if it had been a REAL intruder, the gun would have been vital. This story just goes to illustrate how important it is to be able to defend yourself properly. The deceased’s parents agree with me, I expect.

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