Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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The archive for June, 2006

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“What brings you here?” “I just come for the politically charged firefighter slavery.”

Posted upon the 27th of June, 2006

They found FrillyShirt. What were they searching for? Let’s see. Marc Bolan: The overwhelming favourite, and I hope that those looking for a long-haired, glamorous rock-and-roll fop will find me a close enough second. Sexy man: You betcha, I write some pretty Sexy words, some of the sexiest words you’ll read! Excerpts from ‘Venus in […]

Teacup in a Storm

Posted upon the 26th of June, 2006

In which Sir Frederick shares the fruits of his Counter-Enlightenment with members of the public, addressing their queries on matters of Good Behaviour and Rational Dress. To: Sir Frederick Chook From: Irving Wellington Tinker (Mrs) Dear Mr Sir Chook. How do you do. My husband and I are good Presbytarian sorts and we don’t go […]

Not a Scene from a Seaside Penny-Postcard

Posted upon the 21st of June, 2006

Frances attributed her guest’s obvious discomfort to their mysterious genteman-visitor’s knee-breeches and resumed her knitting. Georgiana, meanwhile, wrung the note that Inspector Campbell had slipped her, which revealed that by her characteristically manly tie-knot he recognised her as in fact being Thomas Clavell, serial strangler, previously thought to be at large in France. This was […]


Posted upon the 19th of June, 2006

Of postmodernity I am critically loving – postmodernity, we’re gonna be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!! but you really should work on being less shallow and cynical. Postmodernism is like a radical political party – the good ideas it had when it was up-and-coming get mushed up a bit when it gets in power. Of modernity I […]

Beware: Webcomics

Posted upon the 18th of June, 2006

Further proof that the High-Cultural Revolution prophesied in Beware: Culture is underway: Ms Jen Sorensen at Slowpoke Comics recently published a strip entitled Aesthetic Movements to Come, which contains a simultaneous manifestation of impressionist graffiti and which you should assuredly see for yourself, as Slowpoke Comics is one of the most insightful and singularly humorous […]

Hot off the thimbles of Shot By A Rascal Productions!

Posted upon the 14th of June, 2006

Oriental Brocade Cravat in Black, Gold and Purple.

Disobedient? Sometimes. Civil? Always.

Posted upon the 11th of June, 2006

“For the recognition of private property has really harmed Individualism, and obscured it, by confusing a man with what he possesses.  It has led Individualism entirely astray.  It has made gain not growth its aim.  So that man thought that the important thing was to have, and did not know that the important thing is […]

Sartorial agony indeed.

Posted upon the 8th of June, 2006

Those who say men have no understanding of the experience of giving birth have never tried to put a shirt-stud through the buttonholes of a starched bib-front!