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Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree

Penned upon the 3rd of August, 2012

Failbetter Games, the creators of Fallen London (n̩e Echo Bazaar) Рthe Victorian gothic fantasy browser game of which I have rhapsodised here before Рhave begun a Kickstarter project to finance another game in the Fallen London story РTales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree. Set in Karakorum, capital of the Mongol Empire and Fourth City of the Bazaar, The Silver Tree will cast the player as a Papal envoy to the court of the Khan who is caught up in the intrigues of the players who would decide the fate of nations.

Knowing Failbetter, I have no doubt that The Silver Tree will be beautifully written and constructed, and its very premise promises to reveal many of the mysteries of the Neath. The rewards for backers are both tangible and digital – including expanded access to storylines, in-game items for both The Silver Tree and Fallen London, artworks by the Failbetter team, and, at the higher levels, exclusive storylines for your characters in each game tailored to your own playing experiences.

All in all, it’s a bloody nifty project by the best browser game team in the business, and I’d support it on principle even if the rewards hadn’t been so tempting (as it is, Ms Merah has made me a Celebrated Backer as an early birthday present.) Have a look-see if you’re at all interested in the medium or the genre, and feel free to add my Fallen London accounts on Twitter, Sir Frederick and Lord Hubris!

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