Sir F. Chook, Inventor of Leopard Oil

Likeness captured upon a daguerrotype machine in Japan, July 1891


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Dolls with Souls / From Pinot Noir’s Personal Files, Under “F”

Posted upon the 10th of June, 2008

Things are improving here, bit by bit. By way of a simple post, untaxing on the body and the nerves, I’ll tell you about an interesting artistic project happening here in Melbourne. Omnific Assembly are calling for contributors for an exhibition called Totem, a collection of sculptures of artists’ selves – not merely self-portraits, but […]

On the Doors of Perception

Posted upon the 14th of May, 2008

I don’t often post my more academic pieces here – I like to keep FrillyShirt fairly accessible as a journal, plus I’m rather protective of my in-depth work before it’s extremely polished. I will, though, share a ponderable poser which has emerged in my continuing history studies: is it possible for the self to become […]

Every Human Being Is An Artist

Posted upon the 15th of February, 2008

Today, we pottered along to the National Gallery of Victoria and saw the exhibition Joseph Beuys & Rudolph Steiner: Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition. Educators both, the bulk of the exhibition is collections of their blackboard drawings from lectures and actions. The effect is fascinating, with Steiner’s lists and diagrams lining the walls, Beuys’s actually heaped in […]


Posted upon the 10th of November, 2007

Staring up at the night sky, watching those little points of colour and light fade and dance, I saw what Thoreau meant when he talked about the extravagance of nature. Nature provides, provides far more than anyone could ever need. Those stars are always there, shining for us, even when we can’t see them. The […]

Going to be a trifle busy, I’m afraid

Posted upon the 9th of October, 2007

Hallo, all! The next few weeks might be a bit thin, I fear. I’m all at once working on a few small pieces about turn-of-the-century Irish nationalism; William Morris’s News From Nowhere and aesthetic Utopianism and Eutopianism more generally; research into history teaching methods, not to mention the fascinating Paterson family; my everpresent interest in […]

Not Only, But Additionally

Posted upon the 13th of August, 2007

I’ve been to the library! A few libraries, in fact, and I’ve been leafing through the treasures I’ve come home with: The Vulgarisationon of Art, by Linda Dowling, an account of certain late Victorian thinkers’ attempts to radically democratise art and create an aesthetic utopia; and Daoism and Ecology, by N.J. Girardot, James Miller and […]

The Philosophy of the Shelley Circle

Posted upon the 16th of May, 2007

I was very kindly asked to speak today, before a class on the history of western metaphysics, by one of my lecturers and someone whose work has been enormously influential to me, Dr Freya Mathews. It’s rather thrilling to be the one wearing the little clippy radio microphone for the first time! I’ve reproduced my […]

l’Amour de l’Armoire: The Tao of the Fop

Posted upon the 30th of April, 2007

First, the matter of terminology: by ‘fop’ I refer to that great swathe of the population who dabble in the arts of appearances. No suitable umbrella term exists for the range of philosophies which can fuel such a passion – ‘clotheshorse’ implies an actual absence of such philosophy, while ‘dandy’ is too militantly contested by […]